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Contact form 7 checkboxes – one per line

When I need checkboxes in a contact 7 form I usually want them each on a separate line.

We add this simple link of code to our stylesheet. It will insert a linebreak between all checkboxes or radio buttons in your forms built with Contact Form 7.

span.wpcf7-list-item {

That works a treat.


Eco Pool Builders

We are looking still for a pool builder in Brisbane who can design us an amazing backyard as well as a concrete above ground pool. Our next possibility specialises in eco style and natural pools which is not what we want but the pools on the site do cover all varieties.

Brisbane pool builder Ecozen, is your locally owned and operated family business committed to giving you a quality pool building experience. Our company offers concrete pools, landscapes and complete design and build packages for clients who want the best in professional service and eye catching quality.

Our team of award winning designers and experienced project managers will work with you and our own in-house trade staff from start to finish to guarantee you get the most out of your new swimming pool and outdoor area.

We will check out Ecozen Pools and Landscaping as they say they have a full design service and we will check their awards and references … another of the possible pool builders in Brisbane for us to try.



My Kids

Sandgate Brighton Childcare and Kindergarten Association is a community-based, not-for-profit organization which owns and manages:

The Association is run by a Management Committee made up of volunteer parents, staff and other members of the community.  Any profits that are raised are returned to the Association where they are used for the benefit of the children attending our three Centres.

My kids have benefited from this centre in the past.


Professionals Working Together … Nice!

Build in Brisbane   Brisbane trade networkBuild in Brisbane   Brisbane trade network (Mobile)The Build in Brisbane network is a group of QLD businesses who have actively worked together in one way or another for several years. Each member has been personally invited by other businesses that they regularly deal with. Only trusted and professional businesses are involved however we are simply a connected group of businesses rather than an organisation of any kind. We aim to provide a one stop shop so that you can simply connect with whoever you need next in the process of Building in Brisbane.


DNS for a Local Mail with External Website

I am always forgetting the settings for DNS of a domain where you want ot host the mail but send all web traffic to an external server or provider.

So here it is … in the permanent record along with my notes:

abc.com. IN MX 0 mail.abc.com.
abc.com. IN A XX.XX.XX.XXX ( the external server's IP )
mail IN A YY.YY.YY.YYY ( local server's IP)
www IN CNAME abc.com.

Actually I usually have to also make the 'mail' line:
mail.abc.com. IN A YY.YY.YY.YYY ( local server's IP)

SO there you have it.