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Control Zoom on the new Google Maps Embed (iframe)

The iframe code from the new Google Maps didn’t give me a zoom control. Adding &zoom=10 to the scr url didn’t work but it seems shortening it to just &z=10 works just fine.

Great trick and although its manual it saved me some grief on a recent project. I couldn’t find the tip easily so its here for the future 🙂



Summer is Coming!

Last year I was given one of these beach tents to try and I dug my heels in saying “No Way!” but I think I may have missed out.

My sister took the beautiful but overlooked shade to the beach for a week and swore by it saying it was the star of the holiday.

It did look funky but my concern was the time putting it up and down. She assured me that it was quick and when compared to the the extra time it allowed you to stay on the beach without being burned, it was a win for the family.

I now see the point but do you think i can get her to give it back? No … well I might have to go buy one myself this year 🙂


New Ryan Adams Album Self-Titled

I have been a long-time Ryan Adams fan so this new self-titled album is making my day at work bareable … its pretty classic Ryan on first listen …

What do you think?