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A ‘Talking’ Doctor – psychologist on Brisbane’s North at Zillmere

Recently I needed to get some advice and help for my youngest and I wasn’t quite sure where to start. As usual I started with Google 🙂 … here is where I ended up contacting.

Sometimes people may think that their problems are too small to need professional help but often if problems are left to continue they may become more serious and can take longer to overcome. The pressure of our daily life can often lead to feelings of emotional distress and in recent years there are more people suffering from psychological distress and symptoms than in the past.

No matter how big or complicated you feel your troubles have become, Margaret McDonald Clinical Psychologist Brisbane North, can help you overcome your struggles in a practical and caring way. While there may be no immediate “cure” to your problems Margaret can help you work towards improving your situation.  With over 30 years’ experience, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Margaret McDonald strives to help you change your life by providing you with the necessary skills to empower you to move forward in your life.

Margaret adopts a practical and solution focused approach to your problems as well as providing you with information to read between sessions. This can provide a faster resolution of your worries.


How to add a new administrator to your WordPress from the database

This video will show you how to add a new administrator to your WordPress using your database. This is particularly handy if your website is ever hacked and your user account is deleted, or if a client gives you access to their web hosting but can’t either remember or doesn’t have their WordPress administrator login.

This video moves pretty quick but don’t forget that you can always pause at various screens when you need the details. When you’re creating the user you need to add email login and password and don’t forget to make the password MD5 format from the drop-down.

Then in the user meta table, there are two rows to add. Then you should be a login to your WordPress with the new user account … Check the video below


Motorhome Upgrades

We took our motorhome back recently to Allbrand Caravan Services in Brisbane to have a few thing repaired  and we thought we may as well upgrade our solar and battery system at the same time. 

We doubled the panels to 2Kw and also swapped in some new batteries and I recently tested it off the grid for 3 days. Even in mostly overcast conditions it was completely fine. I noticed the lights dim a little as the fridge phased in and out but everything was showing string charge even as we left.

Big thanks to Todd and the crew at Allbrand. I recommend them for all caravan repairs in Brisbane.

They can install most accessories as well as repairing damage … and always super helpful.