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New Architect Site for Brisbane

This week we profile a new website we have assisted with for Jamin Architecture in Brisbane.

They design beautiful, functional, three-dimensional spaces that people want to spend time in. Their portfolio includes new homes and renovations, apartment and town house developments, retail spaces, restaurant and bar fitouts, and office buildings. Jamin Architecture offer building design, architecture and interior design—integrated, or as stand-alone services.

They don’t just deliver some drawings but rather will walk with you through the whole project, from when you first bring your ideas until your space is built and ready to occupy. Check out Brisbane Architect – Jamin Architecture

Jamin’s team offer an integrated service for building design and now they have an Architecture team which handle some of the projects requiring a qualified Architect.

Architects are professionally trained designers who work on buildings and the built environment. They combine creative design with a wide range of technical knowledge to provide integrated solutions for built and natural environments. During the five typical phases of a project the architect has a variety of roles:



A ‘Talking’ Doctor – psychologist on Brisbane’s North at Zillmere

Recently I needed to get some advice and help for my youngest and I wasn’t quite sure where to start. As usual I started with Google 🙂 … here is where I ended up contacting.

Sometimes people may think that their problems are too small to need professional help but often if problems are left to continue they may become more serious and can take longer to overcome. The pressure of our daily life can often lead to feelings of emotional distress and in recent years there are more people suffering from psychological distress and symptoms than in the past.

No matter how big or complicated you feel your troubles have become, Margaret McDonald Clinical Psychologist Brisbane North, can help you overcome your struggles in a practical and caring way. While there may be no immediate “cure” to your problems Margaret can help you work towards improving your situation.  With over 30 years’ experience, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Margaret McDonald strives to help you change your life by providing you with the necessary skills to empower you to move forward in your life.

Margaret adopts a practical and solution focused approach to your problems as well as providing you with information to read between sessions. This can provide a faster resolution of your worries.


Caravan Electric Brakes in Brisbane

We are constantly working on expanding the profile of some local businesses and one of the things that we manage for them is regular content additions for their websites.

Each month we draft up an article on a pre-agreed topic. We choose our topics based on feedback from the business, search engine traffic potential and variety. Once we post them we take the URL and post that to our social media outlets.

That drives instant traffic to the new articles and we hope some people will also link to the article from that and our media promotion.

Our latest articles are for Brisbane Caravan repairs experts Allbrand Caravan Services and Sandgate Autoelectrics who service cars, trucks and boats.



National Youth Leader Network

myYouthLeader is a new community of people involved in Christian youth ministry … in churches, schools and the community.

Our goal is to connect like-minded people and facilitate the sharing of inspiration, resources and to support each other.

We will also offer access to some specialist services such as coaching, training and more.

Our main site will offer resources, links and training and our social media  will provide a place to connect, share and discuss.

Come and join for FREE at myyouthleader.com


Control Zoom on the new Google Maps Embed (iframe)

The iframe code from the new Google Maps didn’t give me a zoom control. Adding &zoom=10 to the scr url didn’t work but it seems shortening it to just &z=10 works just fine.

Great trick and although its manual it saved me some grief on a recent project. I couldn’t find the tip easily so its here for the future 🙂



Summer is Coming!

Last year I was given one of these beach tents to try and I dug my heels in saying “No Way!” but I think I may have missed out.

My sister took the beautiful but overlooked shade to the beach for a week and swore by it saying it was the star of the holiday.

It did look funky but my concern was the time putting it up and down. She assured me that it was quick and when compared to the the extra time it allowed you to stay on the beach without being burned, it was a win for the family.

I now see the point but do you think i can get her to give it back? No … well I might have to go buy one myself this year 🙂


New Ryan Adams Album Self-Titled

I have been a long-time Ryan Adams fan so this new self-titled album is making my day at work bareable … its pretty classic Ryan on first listen …

What do you think?



Advice for New School Mums (and Old)

School Mum is a website full of tips, tricks, advice and fun for School Mums by School Mums.

There are thousands of experts who claim to know the best thing you should be doing for your child but depending on who you’re listening to and what you’re reading it can differ from one extreme to the next.

This website is not about experts it is about stories.  Stories of school mums and their experiences working out school life, their child’s development and all the crazy busyness that comes with that.

Come and read stories, share your experiences and join us on the journey of SCHOOL MUM!!


K2 Image Upload Error in Items

I had to increase my max-execution time to 180 (secs) to fix this error

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What is the Joomla 3 login URL

Are you looking for the Joomla login URL to create a new SEF URL for this page, or you have lost your Joomla login link, or are simply looking the Joomla user login module, you can very easily access it if you go to this link: